Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unique Aspects of the CTCA

Cora has gone to her forever home in Nevada!

Some people have asked us if the puppies are too old to go to their forever homes...

One of the unique aspects of the CTCA is their regulations on when a puppy can leave the litter. The CTCA requires for puppies to spend at least 10 weeks with their mom and litter.  These first 10 weeks are the minimum a puppy needs in order to learn bite pressure.  The more time a puppy spends with his or her litter, the better they learn how to bite softly.  They learn when they bite too hard, one of their litter mates will bite them back.  This is the same way dogs learn in the wild and it teaches them how to bite softly and gently. This makes sure our Cotons will be safe around you and your family.

Chloe and Chip have had extra time to learn this bite pressure and continue their socialization and training.  For example, Chip knows to whine when he wants to go outside.  Chloe comes when she is called.