Wednesday, July 30, 2014

6 Week Update- Pictures to Come!

This past weekend the puppies went camping.  That's right, we took 6 puppies and 2 dogs on an overnight camping trip!  All of the puppies were peaceful and calm during the 2.5 hour car ride, became more familiarized with their kennel, and met all different kinds of people.

Its a little difficult to determine their personalities when they are only a couple weeks old, but now their personalities are starting to really shine through!

They all have unique quarks, here are some them!

Chloe- She is known to strut her stuff! This morning, she was seen prancing across the floor.
Claire- Is always glad to see you and is one of the first to come up to meet you. 
Cece-  This cutie knows she is adorable! She is outgoing and a spunky lil' thing.
Cora- She is extremely attentive and looks you in the eye and is very tenderhearted.
Copper- Will never miss out on anything, if you're holding him, he is alert!
Chip-  Always like to burrow his head into the blankies and was also the first one to escape the puppy box.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

One Month Old Photos

The puppies are now one month old and are thriving! They recently had their first taste of puppy food and loved it.  They were playing around in the food and with each other so much that they tired themselves out for the rest of the day.  The puppies will be able to go to their Forever Homes in a little less than 6 weeks.  If interested, call Jon at 208-369-1200.

Chloe- The Spunky One

Claire- The "Melter" When you pick her up, she melts in your hands.
Cece- The Playful One
Cora-  The Snugly One
Copper- The Hunky One
Chip- The Sweet One