Monday, July 8, 2013

Puppy Update (9 weeks)

     The puppies went camping for 5 days this weekend! Bree, Bridget, and Betsy are going to be going to their forever homes within the next couple of weeks around July 16th.  We are so excited for them and are confident that they will live long happy lives with their new families!

     Bullet- Bullet is the sweetest little boy! His coloring makes him very unique.  While all of his sisters have black and brown coloring, he has a beautiful grey spots. He loves to cuddle into your arms when you hold him and was the first one to whine at the door when he wanted in (how smart!).  He is sure the gentleman as well- always making his sisters get the food and drink before he does.

     Bailey- Bailey has quite the personality! She can be both the instigator with her partner in crime (Bella), or she can be the calmest one in the bunch.  She is super cute with a petite frame and a dainty face.

     Bella- Bella is such a lover and so calm when you hold her.  Whenever we went on a walk with the puppies, we always had to keep an eye out for Bella, because once she gets tired, she just plops down in the middle of the path and looks at you with her adorable puppy eyes.  She's learned that with that face, someone will always carry her up the mountain.